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Lafarge Eco Systems is the environmental arm of Bamburi Cement Ltd, that aids Read More



Green Cement

Lafarge Eco Systems is the environmental arm of Bamburi Cement Ltd, that aids Read More

Bamburi Cement is one of the cement companies in Sub Saharan that has demonstrated a committed to rehabilitation. We acknowledge that we are responsible for mitigating the impact of our production process to the environment. We have been rehabilitating the mined land for the last 45 years.

We are “green” because throughout the manufacturing process; from the quarrying stage to dispatch, we employ environmentally friendly measures to reduce carbon footprint, minimize the impact to the environment and optimize the cost of production.

These measures include:

  • Alternative fuel – The process of producing cement and clinker, which is the main component of cement, is energy intensive. The major energy consumption equipment includes electricity through the highly rated electric motors and coal as the main fuel during the clinkering process. Alternative fuel sources include: biomass, old tyres and waste oil
  • Waste incineration – Mombasa Plant, which has a NEMA license for waste incineration, co-operates with different government agencies, private corporations and Non-Governmental organizations to receive, co-process and incinerate contaminated assorted food stuff and impounded imported goods.
  • Energy efficiency – the plant has taken Energy Conservation Measures to reduce on the consumption and cost of production relating to energy by installation of high efficiency motors, variable speed drives, power factor correction panels, energy saving LED lighting, process optimization, and waste heat recovery from exhaust gases from the kiln to dry raw material and raw coal.
  • Stack emissions – MsaP has controlled processes for stack emission within the statutory requirement. The Plant has filters for each of the kilns ensuring the stack particulate emission is within the NEMA requirement.

If you are an environmentally conscious person, if you care for the environment, then Bamburi Cement is the brand you need to buy. This is because you are assured that for every bag of cement bought, there is effort made to restore the environment and to use environmentally friendly production processes.
It is for these reasons that we say Bamburi Cement is a green cement.

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