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Our Story

Bamburi Cement uses local material such as limestone to manufacture a wide range of...Read More

Our History

Lafarge Eco Systems is the environmental arm of Bamburi Cement and is a fully owned subsidiary of Bamburi  Read More

Our Mission

We champion environmental restoration, conservation, education and awareness in line...Read More

Our Vision

To be the beacon pioneers and centre of excellence in Land management, Quarry rehabilitation and Biodiversity management.

Our Mission

Our mission is built on three key pillars: Environmental Conservation, Education and Awareness .

We are committed to:

  • Building and delivering beautiful, fun and social environments that help our consumers enjoy their world
  • Preserving the ecosystems affected by us in everything we do
  • Creating rehabilitated lands that are environmentally sustainable for future generations

Core Values

As a subsidiary of Bamburi Cement Kenya, our : great constructions solutions whilst caring for the environment. That is:

  • We are committed to preserving and restoring biodiversity in the ecosystems affected by our business
  • We are the pioneers in our region
  • We believe that our products can be counted upon whilst promoting the green agenda
  • We place the highest value on honest and ethical behavior
  • We are passionate about raising awareness on how nature and industry can coexist without harming the environment

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