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Bamburi Cement uses local material such as limestone to manufacture a wide range of...Read More

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Lafarge Eco Systems is the environmental arm of Bamburi Cement and is a fully owned subsidiary of Bamburi  Read More

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We champion environmental restoration, conservation, education and awareness in line...Read More

Lafarge Eco Systems is the environmental arm of Bamburi Cement; and a fully owned subsidiary of Bamburi Cement Limited, which was started in 1952 and began operations in 1954. Dr Felix Mandl – the founder of Bamburi Cement, apart from being a pioneer industrialist was concerned about the need for environmental rehabilitation due to the mining activities.

In 1959 an agronomist, René Haller was hired by Dr Felix Mandl to produce food for the employees on the quarry reserve land, and plant trees. The activities of the Garden Department, included gardening, landscaping, fruit, vegetable, livestock and poultry farming for the employees mostly housed on site.

1971 marked the pioneering of the quarry rehabilitation. Dr Haller started the first phase of the rehabilitation process experimenting with the extensive open quarries, marked by planting 3,000 trees on the hard coral. The aim was to recreate coastal forests and ecosystems, but whilst doing so also create a revenue stream to support the implementation of the long term vision. He started a fish farm, using the groundwater (excavation goes up to 30-60cm above groundwater table) to grow the fish.

In 1978 the Garden Department was incorporated into a limited company known as Baobab Farm. Bamburi Nature Trails (now known as Haller Park) was officially opened to the public in 1984 followed by Bamburi Forest Trails in 1995. In 2004, Baobab Farm Limited was renamed to Lafarge Eco Systems Limited.

In 2007, Lafarge Eco Systems started the Bio Fuel project on its reserve land in Vipingo and Diani. The aim is to provide alternative fuel for the kilns which produce cement. In 2013, Lafarge Eco Systems embarked on an intensified and extended environment education program. Some of the initiatives under this program include strategic and cooperative partnerships with schools and universities for capacity building in environmental related areas, sharing of information, collaborative research and enhanced training.

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