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Haller Park

Haller Park is located along Mombasa /Malindi road and is open daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Read More

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Did you know that a Tortoise can nurture a Hippo and the two end up as best of friends? Well Haller Park is home to this unique duo of Mzee and Owen amongst many other famous and unique animals. Go wild in the serene, cool and tropical site that is Haller Park- a wasteland quarry that has been rehabilitated into an ecological haven.

Located along Mombasa /Malindi road, Haller Park is set in one of the Bamburi Cement’s limestone quarry’s, extending south from the factory. Since 1971, the barren landscape of the disused quarry has been reformed systematically into a diverse ecosystem of forest, grasslands and ponds. Its unique rehabilitation has seen it become the first recipient of the United Nations Environmental Program Global 500 Roll of Honour award.

Haller Park hosts a variety of wildlife including hippos, giraffe, buffalos, giant Aldabra tortoise, smaller mammals, birds and a wide variety of ungulates such as the Oryx and Elands. Visitors to the park not only get to learn about rehabilitation and environment conservation, but they also get to engage and participate in exciting activities such as animal feeding 

Butterfly Pavilion
Butterfly Pavilion is a facility that is within Haller Park , which began in 1998 in appreciation of the need to promote the recovery of displaced butterfly species that were lost as a result of the mining process. The pavilion is home to more than 16 species of butterflies. There are daily guided tours offered to the Butterfly Pavilion and the Butterfly Breeding House.haller

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Open Daily (Monday to Sunday) 8am to 5pm

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