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After Finding a pioneer plant which could survive in the limestone desert only the use of observing Read more.

Learning Activities

Haller Park and Forest trails have over time grown to become resource centres for environmental Read more.

Eco Systems & Biodiversity

The aim of the rehabilitation program in Lafarge Eco Systems is to: Recreate coastal ecosystems Read more.

Should learning take place only in a classroom? We do not think so. At Bamburi Haller Park, learning is more coveted than a shade in the sun. Get a wide range of useful information for primary to tertiary level students as well as professionals, with an outdoors adventure twist.

Bamburi Haller Park and Bamburi Forest trails have over time grown to become resource centres for environmental education and conservation. The knowledge and experiences acquired over time during the ecological restoration processes at the Bamburi Cement’s limestone quarries are shared interactively to benefit the general public and more so educational groups. This is a sustainability initiative aimed at changing world view on industrial activities and environmental resources.

A series of learning activities have been designed by the environmental education unit to enhance learning. The activities are designed to respond to the needs of Pre-schooler, the Primary Schooler, the high school learner and Higher education learning requirements.
Programs are also tailor made to respond to more specialized learning needs such as specialized study needs such as Zoology and Botany, Aquatic sciences, environmental sciences, among others.

The activities include:

  1. Site Visits- Tours, tree planting, bird watching, butterfly surveys, learning about wetlands, vegetation surveys among others.
  2. Environmental materials/ handouts- These are on various environmental resources and activities such as Butterflies, trees, reptiles, mammals, insects, and rehabilitation among others are provided at a fee (on request).
  3. Qualified Education and Information personnel on the sites to organize and tailor-make programs and activities for different learning needs.

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